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 About Department
Focus areas

- Literary Theory and Criticism,
- Women's Writing and Feminist Criticism,
- English Language Learning,
- Comparative Literature,
- Translation Studies,
- Cultural Studies,
- Literature and Cinema
- Modern and Postmodern Literature,
- Postcolonial and Diaspora Studies, etc


The University Department of English is committed to provide quality education in the field of literary studies in English. The department has introduced distinctive and innovative courses at the MA and M.Phil and encourages research work in contemporary writing with fresh perspectives such as postcolonial, feminist, comparative and cultural studies. The focus is on the teaching of literatures in English and English translation in the context of their relevance to Indian students today. The aim is to teach literature with perspectives and methodologies that will enable students to critically evaluate not just the texts they study but also the world they live in. The curriculum is designed with the objective of contextualizing and contemporizing literary studies. Seminar style teaching with continuous assessment through presentations and projects are encouraged. Interactive teaching and mentoring establishes rapport between students and teachers. Having gained a critical insight students learn to question rather than listen passively to lectures.

Our Goals

- To achieve excellence and quality in academic activities
- To provide equal opportunities to all students belonging to   different social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Our Mission

The University Department of English is committed to the cause of women's education in the human sciences and literary studies in particular through relevant courses and pertinent critical tools.

Further it is committed to provide a wide range of discipline oriented courses to meet the changing socio-economic needs with humanistic values and purposeful social responsibility.

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Department of English

SNDT Women's University,
6th flr, Patkar Hall bldg,
1 N.T. Road, New Marine Lines
Mumbai – 400020
Head of Department
Dr. Mitra Mukherjee-Parikh

• Ph.D. (English)
• M. Phil. (English)
• M.A. in English
• P.G Certificate course in City Narratives in Literature
  and Cinema

Teaching Faculty

• Dr. Mitra Mukherjee-Parikh (Associate Professor)
• Ms Manisha Ghatage (Assistant Professor)
• Dr. Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor)