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Academic Calendar 2015-16
Date Day Event
15.06.2015 Monday Reopening of the Department after Summer break
15.06.2015 Monday Commencement of the term meeting
29.06.2015 Monday Department meeting
29.07.2015 Wednesday Alumni Workshop on Poetry by Ms Mukta Sambrani.
11.08.2015 Tuesday Talk on Contemporary Indian Art Practices, by Dr Subhalakshmi Shukla
19.08.2015 Wednesday Workshop on Language Teaching
20.08.2015 Thursday Workshop on Teaching Literature to Undergraduates
24.08.2015 Monday Department meeting
25.08.2015 Tuesday Discussion on The  Aesthetics of the Word and the Image By Kuntal Bhogilal.
11.09.2015 Friday Talk on Poetics and Poetry Reading by Ms Arundhati Subramaniam
14.09.2015 Monday Department Meeting
26.10.2015 Monday Special Lecture by Professor Yves Jubinville, University of Quebec at Montreal, on
Quebec Theatre
06.11.2015 Friday Special Lecture by Professor Barbara Ozieblo, University of Malaga, Spain, on the
Theatre of Susan Glaspell.
16.11.2015 -24.11.2015   Semester  Break
25.11.2015 Wednesday Term Commences
26.11.2015 Thursday Department meeting and Commencement of Semester I and III Examinations.
28.12.2015 -7.01.2016 Mid - Term Break
8.01.2016 Friday Department Meeting
21.01.2016 -23.01.2016 Thursday to Saturday Vidhyarthini Sahitya Sammelan
25.01.2016 -29.01.2016 Monday Field trip
19.02.2016 Friday Film Festival/Symposia on Films by Women Directors.
17.03.2016 -18.03.2016 Thursday -
National Level Seminar on Modernity and Women’s Writing.
25.03.2016 Friday Department Meeting
04.04.2016 Monday Release Of Department e-journal
15.04.2016 Friday Department Meeting
13.05.2016 Friday Term End Meeting